Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

So, this past weekend was Halloween.  I had planned to just go trick-or-treating with my sister and my nephew.  But somehow I ended up going out, which was fun, minus a few tricks bahahaha.

But anyway this is how my night started out....

(That green little blob is my nephew hehe...he was a dinosaur! And I was a nerd ha!)

(He didn't like the part that covered his head.)

After we tricked and treated, I threw a "costume" together at the last minute.  I honestly had nothing to wear so I did the simplest thing I knew; I went as a Yankees fan!  (By the way they won that night, so that was rad!)


Also, I can't believe that it's already November. 4 weeks until Thanksgiving, which means four weeks until I get to see my fav band, Brand New!!! SO stoked. It's been years since i've last seen them!!!

And that's that. Overall it was a pretty nice weekend. Although today I feel like i'm getting sick.  Hopefully it's just me recovering from a weekend spent drinking and i'm NOT getting the swine flu! Ha. Oh and Yanks won both games. They are ONE more game away from winning the world series!!! Ahhhh I feel 15 all over again :)


  1. There was TRICK...and that's all I'm saying about that!

    you looked so cute! and of course so did the lil guy!!!


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