Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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I haven't blogged since march!!!??

I guess I kind of got over it.  Sick of pouring my heart out for (basically) the whole world to see.  And to judge.  The internetzzz is such an interesting place.  I love the people I have met on it, even more so through blogging.  But at the same time it allows anonymous assholes to feel like they can dish out whatever garbage their dirty mouths desire.  I think that's why i've taken such a long "hiatus" from here.  Not that anyone has said anything rude to me. I mean, they have, in the past, ya know.  But what I meant was, that's not the reason I ultimately stopped blogging.

But in the last 3 months, I have lost weight, continue to work out (hellllo I want to be in FIGHTING shape by the end of summer:), visited Chicago for the first time --so FUN!, went on dates, dates that haven't gone anywhere, but such is life.  (I think i'm done with the whole "dating" thing for a while.  Tired of putting myself out there.)  For now I need to focus on ME. And continue to be healthy and getting back in to the best damn shape of my life.  Oh hi junior and senior year of high school when I played soccer and could run for dayssss.......I want those days back.

So for now I will continue on my journey to get fit and continue to be the best I can possibly be at my job which won't leave much time for blogging.  But who really reads this shit anyway? :)

OH! PS: I'm applying to go back to school! FINALLY!



  1. SHUT THE EFF UP!!!!!!
    I nearly fell over and died just now when I saw that there was a freaking blog post from you.
    Sweet Jesus.
    I've missed your blogging self... a lot.
    And I phucking hate people too - sometimes I think that it's a big fat no for me in the blogging world. Anyway... yay for a post... and losing weight. Jealous.

  2. i miss you terribly kate. i thinks we should hang out more often this summer.


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